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May 22, 2011


Georgia Backyard Nature

Thank you Joyce. I appreciate hearing from you. It's funny how these strays grab our hearts and leave such a void when they pass away. All the best to you and thanks again.

Joyce McArthur

I am sorry to read about your beautiful Nicholas, my friend. And thank you for sharing the photos of him. Our 18 year old Kitty Kitty, a calico, passed last spring, and Nicholas reminds me very much of her. Kitty was a stray that moved in with us, too. Just showed up one day and took over.


You are very welcome!

and I have added you to my Blog Roll as someone I would like to visit again and again.
Your site is lovely :-) and of such interest to me.
Thank you for your message to me and your compliments to my Blog - It is a Labour of Love, the blog and what I do here!

I hope we get the rains this week!

Feline Felicity - my two cats here are litter mates from a stray that had her babies at my Mom's neighborhood .... I just had to bring the kittens here to Kamama after their mom was finished with them! My dog Taylor is a rescued dog too - I found her starving up in the north Georgia mountains some 9 or 10 years ago. Best decision I ever made to bring her home with me!

All my best to you and yours - Kat.

Georgia Backyard Nature

Thank you Kat for your sweet comments about Nicholas. I sure do miss him. I visited your blog and enjoyed it. Your photos are spectacular. Thanks again.


Hello. I am Kat from Georgia and I love cats .... and I am sorry for your loss .... finding you now at a sad time .... still I am glad to find you .... I live in Georgia too and blog about my own backyard - my pets- my nature- my plants and animals. Take heart. grieve and remember your Nicholas for always. How beautiful he is in the photos .... and that he was a rescued cat makes him all the more special and blessed.

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