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June 20, 2010



Watch out when opening a door with these things. Last night I had one on my window near my door. Sure enough, it definitely was the cutest little thing I'd seen in a long time, looking at me. But then I cracked the door and the little booger shot up to the vinyl siding roof above me, bounced off that, and then went bouncy nuts before my eyes while his pals did the same thing. Then the cats got involved, chasing the boogers. (I have several cats on old farm land.) It was like a horror movie out there and I was glad to shut the door fast while the cats did their carnage! :)


Got caught up on your recent postings - but of course my favorite is the one on the frog!! No surprise there. I'm constantly amazed at the ingenuity of all creatures to find nourishment in their world.

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